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300  Draw - Sat 17th February at 7.30pm - 7.45pm

300 Draw - Sat 17th February at 7.30pm - 7.45pm

Shelagh Everett15 Feb - 12:41
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Check out last months winners, new 'regulars' getting their name on the Board and how to enter this months Draw!

The 300 Club is an easy way to support development at Timperley Sports Club

This months Draw will be held on Saturday 17th February 2024 at 7.30pm in the clubhouse after the hockey's National League Match (Men's 1st v Oxton - 6pm push back all welcome). Enter on the night, via Pay Pal by 6.30pm or as a regular member (see below how to sign up)

With the replacement Blue Pitch scheduled for later this year, and other development projects at the planning stage, we're at a key time for TSC fundraising so we can keep improving our club. Why not sign up as a regular monthly entrant (paying by monthly standing order) and help us 'fill' the 300 Club Board on the wall in the bar.

Big thanks to our new 'regular' 300 Club Members (paying by standing order) whose names will be going up on the 300 Club Board this month. Special welcome to Mike and Malcolm who are members of our weekly Timperley Trundle walking group.

  • HAROON BANGEE – 121 and 153 and 192
  • MIKE HILTON - 109
  • MALCOLM ABEL – 138
  • DAVID HANS – 177 and 198

We now have 177 'regulars' so why not join in and help us reach our target of 300 'regular' members and the we can extend to a 500 Club. Remember the more people in the draw the bigger the cash prize pot and the more money we raise to invest back in the club.
Everyone whose signed up as a monthly entrant has their name (and entry number) shown on the 300 Club Picture Board - take a look at our regular or find your entry!

The 300 Club is a monthly small lottery draw that, and over the last 20 years, has raised over £60,000 that's been invested in the Club’s facilities and continued development. Not only a simple and easy way to help fund raise towards improving our club - entrants also have the chance to win a number of monthly cash prizes - so a real win win opportunity!

This month the 1st Prize will be a minimum of £100 and the on the night prizes re-set to £25 each as they were won last month - and the more people in the draw the larger the cash prize pot.

Last Months Winners drawn on 20th January 2024 (December Draw) were:

  • 1st Prize £110 - Darren Cooper
  • 2nd Prize £55 - Colm O'Neill
  • 3rd Prize £30 - Jarrod Sykes
  • 4th Prize £20 - Steve Walker
  • Caroline Small - On Night Prize £25 - Simon Frampton
  • Snowball £50 - Simon Frampton (and yes he has multiple numbers!)

How does it work?

▪ Participants purchase unique a number(s) in the draw [£4 per number if sign up as a regular paying by standing order - or £5 if pay one night as a one off entry]

▪ On the THIRD Saturday of each month there is a lottery-style draw held at the Clubhouse with many chances to win.

▪ If your number is pulled out……you win a cash prize! As well as regular cash prizes (that any entrant can win) we also have additional on the night prizes (you have to be in the clubhouse at the time of the draw to win these !)

▪ The more participants, the larger the prizes, and the more our Sports Club benefits.
For example it we have:
- 300 entrants the Prize Pot will pay out :£200 £100 £50 £30 plus snowball £50 and bonus on the Night prize of £20
- 200 entrants the Prize Pot will pay out £125 £60 £30 £25 plus snowball £25 and bonus on the Night prize of £20

(1) Snowball Prize: one number will be drawn each month. If the winner is not present in the Clubhouse at the time of the draw, then the prize is rolled over into the Snowball prize pot which accumulates each month.
(2) Increasing On-the-Night bonus prize: number(s) will be drawn each month but will roll over if the winner is not present in the Clubhouse at the time of the draw

To join in this months Draw you can enter by:
- Paying over the Bar or to Nick Burnett before 7.30pm on Saturday- £5 an entry for one off on night entries

- Enter via PayPal before 6.30pm. - Go to and send money to Multiples of £5
Add in the comments box / notes 'Feb2024 300 ClubYOURNAME'

How to join as a regular supporter

To join as a monthly participant contact our promoter, Nick Burnett, at or via 07703 784911 or see Nick at the Club.
1. Let Nick know how many numbers you would like to purchase (£4 each by standing order).
2. Nick will then email you with a unique “300 Club” personal reference code so we can identify your payments when received - this links to your number in the draw
3. Using online banking, please set up a Standing Order (SO) monthly payment for the appropriate amount using the following details:
Timperley Sports Club – 200 Club
Account no: 5 2 0 0 5 4 7 7
Sort Code: 08 – 90 – 00
Important: include your personal reference code
4. Email Nick to confirm the date when your SO is set up so he can track your payment.

Q: Can I purchase more than one number?
A: You may buy as many numbers as you would like (multiples of £4 regaulr or £5 on night).

Q: Can non-members / supporters of TSC join the 300 Club?
A: Yes! Anyone over 18 is welcome to purchase 300 Club numbers.

Thank-you for supporting Timperley Sports Club.

1. Only verified, fully paid-for numbers shall be entered into each draw.
2. Each month’s draw is held 1 month in arrears; e.g., standing order payments received in January are entered into the February draw.
3. The draw shall normally be held in the Clubhouse on the THIRD Saturday of each month.
4. Prizes shall be drawn in high value order. On occasion, this may mean a Snowball rollover prize is drawn before the other prizes. However, the highest prize drawn will always be revealed last at the end of the draw.
5. All winners’ names/prizes and any changes to the lottery shall be posted on the Club website and noticeboard each month and will be periodically circulated by email. Winners should collect their winnings from behind the bar before the date of the next draw, or contact Nick Burnett.

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