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4. Timperley Over 50's Youth Club

Timperley Over 50's Youth Club operate integrally as one of TSC's main community partners, providing fitness and social benefits to members over 50 years of age in the area.

The club is run as a non-profit concern by a voluntary committee with the objective of wellbeing benefit to body and mind for members. Some members have been referred by the medical profession and single, widowed and married couples welcome the social involvement the club offers, especially as additional events and outings are organised throughout the year. Attendance fee's are kept to a bare minimum to encourage increased accessibility for members from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Operating both sequence/ballroom dance class' and a tai chi class out of TSC, the group allows for social interaction with like minded people in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The dates and times for the Timperley Over 50's Youth Class' are as followed:

  • Sequence/Ballroom Dance Class - Every Wednesday 10-11am @ TSC
  • Tai Chi Class - Every Friday 9:45-11am @ TSC

For more information about Timperley Over 50's Youth Club please contact Ron Bragg (Co-founder and Chairman) on 07811 691 904