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1. Joining Timperley Sports Club Ltd

Everyone wishing to join the Club (all ages, sports, playing and non playing) needs to join, and become a Member of, Timperley Sports Club Ltd (TSC) - a Community Benefit Society. This includes former members of TSC, Life Social and Honorary Life Members.

See the Annual TSC Ltd Subscriptions website pages for full details of current subs and details of section specific information.

In the 2021-22 season we introduced a new club wide membership system - the TSC Club Management System (CSM) - hosted by the First Sports International (FSI) Platform. The new CMS system is also used for our Tills and Member Discount Cashless system and in time will be used for buying other products and tickets from the TSC.

Membership Subs can no longer be paid via the Bar or to Sections. If you've a problem paying via the new system please get in touch, initially with your section.

All members and parents of U18 year old members will need to set up an online account on the FSI system. Parents need to set up their account and then 'add' all U18 family members. Once your account is set up and verified click on 'Buy Membership' to select which annual TSC Subs and Sports Section Fees you wish to apply and pay for.
The new online system includes the TSC Ltd Membership Application and parental consents for Under 18's to be completed.

See our Sports Section Membership Pages for Cricket, Football, Hockey and Lacrosse for details of how to set up your, or your children's (all U18's) membership.

[b]Please note due to high demand and limited capacity, some of our sports sections are full or near to capacity and may need to operate waiting list for new Under 18 members. Sections will provide full details where applicable.

Applying via the TSC Membership is subject to your application for membership being approved, and in the case of Under 18's that there are spaces available.

Click here to go to the TSC Membership System:

Once approved as a member you can use your account each year to Buy Membership - you don't need tor register again but you must ensure your personal details are up to date. It is only new members that need to register to set up their account.

Since becoming a Community Benefit Society there have been some small changes to the membership process.

To join the club an initial £1 is included in your annual subscription - this is a one off payment. Sports sections may also apply a range of training, one off or match fees in addition to TSC Ltd annual subscriptions to support running each sport. These vary and are set up each Section to support the delivery of their sporting programmes.

TSC Ltd subscriptions go towards the running costs of the clubhouse, the playing pitches, grounds and all the costs associated with running the club for use by all our members and sports.

You can join TSC Ltd at anytime and the annual subscription year runs from 1st April each year to 31st March. Cricket and Non Playing subs are due by 31st May each year and Football, Hockey and Lacrosse by 30th September.

If you have any specific circumstances or difficulties relating to payment of subs or taking part in sport at the Club please contact your section and or or your Sports Section. The Club and Sports Sections will review all requests and consider what support may be provided. We operate on reviewing on a case by case basis to reflect individual circumstances. Our Adult Concession Annual Subs Rate also includes those unemployed and payment plans can be organised as appropriate.

Member Bar Cashless System / Bar Code (or cards for previous TSC card holders)

A new (cashless) Member Bar Card System was introduced in Summer 2021 linked to the implementation of the new system. Adult members, who have paid their annual Sub, will benefit from a discretionary member discount on bar purchases as approved by the Board. Plastic Bar Cards are no longer issued to reduce our plastics and members can access their unique bar code to use their cashless account from the TSC Membership System account via a smart phone.

Members should save the link to their home screen on their phone for easy access.
Click here to go to the CSM: and open your account. When signed in, eligible Members, can access their cashless account and use the barcode via the bar when purchasing or topping up their account.

Credit can be uploaded to your account by cash or credit or debit card via the bar and any applicable discount is applied when you use the account to make eligible purchases over the bar. Members can also see a record of their bar transactions via their account.

We are awaiting an update of the launch of an App based version of the membership system.


TSC Annual Subscriptions 2024 - 2025


TSC Membership - HOW TO GUIDE - Under 18 Members