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6. Lacrosse Section Playing Membership

Important update for all Lacrosse players, parents and coaches on how to set up your membership
Timperley Sports Club LTD (TSC)
Timperley Lacrosse ( TLC)

Important update for all TLC players and parents - find out how to sign up to our new TSC online membership system (CMS) and pay your 2024-25 Club Membership subscription and lacrosse section fees.

Timperley Sports Club (TSC) comprises of four sections Cricket, Football, Hockey and Lacrosse. Non Playing (Social) Membership is also available. Regardless of your chosen sport everyone joins TSC. Membership gives access to all sports although all junior sections have limits on capacity and charge additional fees to cover, for example, coaching and other costs. Please read the following important guidance on how to sign up for the new season. For information on TSC Membership CLICK HERE

TLC has 2 requirements for all playing and non playing members for Season 2021/22:

1. You must register individually with England Lacrosse for Insurance purposes (the only exception is children still at Primary School from September 2023). Click here to register If you are already registered you should receive renewal reminder from England Lacrosse otherwise you need to register.

2. You must register and sign up for membership of TSC to pay your 2023-24 subscription and TSC Fees by 30th September 2021. To pay by instalments you must sign up by XXXX TBC September 2023.

Here's how to sign up to TSC membership

Parents of all Under 18 members must follow the process in the attached 'How to Guide' and set up an account in their name on the CMS before adding their child(ren). .

Some Over 18 adult members are already set up on the CMS having previously completed a TSC paper membership form and should receive an email over the next few days telling them how to activate their new TSC membership account and renew their membership for 2021-22. Please follow the instructions in the email you receive to activate your CMS account and renew your membership for 2023-24 (Please check your Spam box regularly). Your email address is already in the new CMS system and you will need to reset your password and activate this new account.

For all other adult members you will need to set up your an new account on the new system and follow the guidelines below. (How to Guide to follow)

The new system collects the TSC Sub and TLC Fees together and splits payment between TSC and TLC.

TLC fees for 2023/24 - TBC :

Once you've read the guidance and step by step guide go to the new TSC Ltd Club Membership System
OPen the powerpoint presentation How to Guide and play as a presentation for screen shots and voice over.

The main steps are set out below but please read the guidance before setting up your account.

Opening your new membership account
[b]STEP ONE - set up your account[/b]
For eeveryone who does not already have an account and ALL PARENTS (Under 18's MUST NOT open an account directly as the system is set up to not allow them to purchase memebrship directly - this must be done by a parent / guardian)
• Go to the new TSC Ltd Club Membership System
• Click on GET STARTED |and follow the online instructions to create your new account
• For security reasons, you will receive a verification email from FSI to validate your email address. Click the link to validate your account. (If you don’t receive a verification email please press resend.)
PLEASE check you that all address fields have prepopulated correctly as this is a common problem where address fields are not correct and this impacts the ability to pay later in the process.

If the system wont let you open your account because your email address is already registered it means you are already in the system this only applies to adult members. If this happens log in using your the same email address and click on Forgot Password to access your account. Please check and validate your personal details including DOB.

STEP TWO – FOR PARENTS OF Under 18s ONLY - Add family members
In order to follow safeguarding and purchase membership all U18 Junior members must now be addedto the system via the parent’s or guardian’s account.
• Parents wishing to add Under 18's should click on ADD A FAMILY MEMBER

STEP THREE - BUY your 2023-24 Membership.
• Click on BUY Membership and CLICK on ADD TO BASKET
• Select the type of membership and sport you wish to buy – you can pay in one payment OR their is the option to pay by four instalments which must be set up by 8th September
• Complete all the fields and the application form - make sure you click on the waiver box to apply for membership - including GIFT AID for Under 18's
• Select 'Checkout' and follow the steps to purchase your membership(s) and set up your payment method - CHECK ADDRESS FIELDS ARE CORRECTLY POPULATED
• Click on 'Pay Now' and you are all done! You can view and download receipt of payment.

FAQ's and Queries - we are building an helpful FAQ area to help with common problems experienced when signing up and buying membership. CLICK HERE FOR CMS FAQ's and HELP.

We will be setting up a Lacrosse Membership Page on the TSC Membership area of the TSC website. Timperley Lacrosse - membership

If you have any problems, please contact Phil Hartley -

Thanks to all members for their support and we look forward to a more positive 2023-24 season.

Phil Hartley
Timperley Lacrosse Club


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