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7. Non Playing Membership

We have a growing Non Playing Members made up of a diverse group of Members including:

- Former Playing Members

- Partners and Parents of Playing Members

- Members of the local community

- TSC Hon. Life Members (Playing and Non Playing)

_ TSC Life Non Playing Members (including former Life Social Members of TSC)

Non Playing Members are welcomed and encouraged to play an active role in the Club supporting section of club activities as well as benefitting from the non playing facilities.

We have two categories of Non Playing Member:

1. Full Non Playing Members who can stand for the Board, attend and vote at the AGM, and hold Officer roles and either:

- Pay an annual subscription
- no annual subscription to pay as either, a n Hon Life Members , Life Non Playing Member (including former TSC Life Social Members)

2023-24 Subscription - £70 (aged 18+) and £40 (aged 65+)

Life Non Playing Members (no further non playing subs to pay) one off fee £500 and £725 Joint.

2. Associate Non Playing Members who can attend the AGM but not vote or stand for election and pay an annual subscription

2023-24 Subscription - £40


TSC Ltd Subscriptions 2023-24