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4. Football Section - Playing Membership


Our Football Section has over 400 Under 18 Members and runs teams for boys and girls. Due to its popularity and success we are currently running at capacity for virtually all age groups / genders. Where age groups are at capacity the following criteria applies:
- returning Members from the previous season
- players on the waiting lists held for each age group (based on time on list)
- new enquiries joining the waiting list.

TFC Membership Officer for 2024 - 25 - Sarah Ripley

When applying to join the Football Section your membership will be treated as 'pending' and subject to approval based on the above criteria and approval by TSC Ltd.

New membership system ! How to set up and pay for 2024 - 25 subs / fees

Timperley Football Club is part of Timperley Sports Club (TSC) – a Community Benefit Society. TSC runs the Club’s facilities and TFC play a full and active role in the wider Club. Being part of TSC and having a ‘home’ is one of the things that’s makes us different as a Club.

TSC has implemented a new Club Management System(CMS) and is being used by all four sports so this season there are a few small changes to how parents need to set up and pay for membership of TFC and TSC. The aim is to get all junior football players set up on the over the summer ready for payments to be collected from the start of the season.

Once you've read the guidance and step by step guide go to the new TSC Ltd Club Membership System

All playing members must join TSC and pay an annual subscription along with fees to TFC for the delivery of our extensive football programme. The annual TSC Under 18 Sub is only paid once and covers all sports played at the Club – so if this has been paid for cricket already you won’t have to pay again!

Non Playing Membership is also available for parents and those involved with TFC and we encourage to be part of the wider Club and benefit from our Club Card and bar discounts.

Here’s how things will work for this season and once set up it will make the annual renewal a lot easier and reduce volunteer administration time for TFC and TSC.

Here’s a summary of what we need all TFC Parents / Guardians to do by 31st August 2021 - don't forget to look at the 'How to Guide' attached for screen shots and voiced over guide.

Please watch our 'How to Guide to setting up an Under 18 Membership' presentation (slides and voice over - open doc and click on screen show) before you go online to Buy Membership.

From testing the main things we have learnt are:

- whilst it doesn't take long to set up a new membership - care is needed to read all the screen prompts and instructions - so just take a little time !
- you an use a phone, tablet or PC but we would recommend using a tablet or PC as its easier not to miss some of the key steps and screen prompts
- care if needed to check your address is correctly pre-populating the address fields check on house number and 1st line address as if not correctly formatting this can prevent purchase
- Check our FAQ's and Help / Guidance Pages if any problems and we'll be updating these if needed with common queries
- IF PAYMENT not taken - go back into the purchase (in your basket or on the product on your home screen) and correct any errors on the payment form, address and complete the transaction by click on PAY NOW - OR Clear basket and re-purchase.

Here's a summary of the key steps:

All Under 18’s member must be linked to an adult account
– please set your parent / guardian account up first and use this account to manage paying for U18 membership.

*If your child has played Cricket at Timperley in 2023, or if you are already a non playing member then please log into your account and go straight to Step 3, or add an additional child to your account (Step 2)

The CMS is hosted by First Sports International a major provider of sports administration systems - please use this link to access (the system is different to the TSC Pitchero website so please don’t try join via TSC Pitchero sign up!)
All Junior Football Members (all ages)

STEP 1 - Set up a parent or guardian account on the new TSC CMS system (*unless you already have one in which case log into your account)
Go to the new TSC Ltd Club Membership System

Click on ‘Get Started’ to create an account and follow the online instructions to create your new account as a parent / guardian.
• For security reasons, you will receive a verification email from FSI to:
To validate your email address. Click the link to validate your account. (If you don’t receive a verification email please press resend.)

STEP 2 How to add junior members to the CMS

• Once your account is set up you can now add each of your children (Under 18’s) CLICK ON Add a family member button

STEP 3 - Pay for your 2024-25 Membership/Fees.
Here’s how you select and set up 2024-25 payments

CLICK ON the family member you want to set up membership and payment for
CLICK ON Buy Membership, select type of membership and sport you wish to buy
• Select the Timperley Football membership option by gender / school year
• Complete membership details
Select 'Checkout' and follow the steps to purchase your membership(s) and set up your payment method (options include one off and instalments)
Don’t forget to opt into GIFT AID – this money comes back directly to TFC to support our football programme
Click on 'Pay Now' and you are all done! You can view and download receipt of payment.

If you have any problems, please contact Sarah Ripley, TFC Membership Officer

Set up Tips and Guidance

[i]Child / Parent Relationship on the system
Main tip is – you need to set up an adult account first then add children. Adults can also use this account to buy Non Playing Membership too.
Junior Members (U18) need to be added to a parent / guardians account and you cannot purchase membership if a freestanding Under 18 account is set up.
Under 16 account contact details will be the parent’s emails address – so any emails will go to parent about the child’s membership or section communications.
Both parents/guardians can be linked to the Child(ren) – but we recommend each Adult has their own account.

Play more than one sport at Timperley ?
Once you or your child are set up on the CMS you can use your account to buy membership of any of the four sports played at Timperley. Just log into your account (parent) and buy memberships for additional sports.

If you have already paid your TSC Sub (as part of cricket membership or hockey or lax) this will automatically be deducted from your Football Membership monies due – as long as you join each sport separately. Do one sport / transaction at a time (otherwise the system will change you the TSC element twice).
Residential and Post Address detail on the CMS

It is vital that you verify the email address provided once they have registered an account – if not it can provide payment / system problems! If you forget to do, go onto your FSI CMS account and click on re-send email verification.
When inputting your address, you need to enter the first line of your address eg. road name and house number in the separate box, then enter the postcode and press the magnifying glass to search the address this will then update address for you.

It is important that all the address fields are completed to allow the Direct Debit and where appropriate Gift Aid to be set up. The system may not allow you to proceed unless they are.

Payment Options
The system calculates both the TSC and TFC fees and they can be paid for in one purchase. As TSC and TFC operate slightly differently there are some small changes this year.

You can pay in a ONE OFF PAYMENT or by INSTALMENTS - by Card or Direct Debit (instalments)

The TSC Under 18 Subscription for 2024 - 5 is £95– paid one off or by four instalments (Sept – Dec 4 c £23.75) Don’t forget to Gift Aid to give direct benefit to TFC. We have had some technical system challenges on the number of instalments for the TSC Sub element and have have to use the 4 instalment option (the same as for all other U18 memberships /sports) this season. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. It means payments made through out the year if playing by instalments are slightly higher for the first 4 months and then lower than previous season.

Our TFC Fees for 2024-25 tbc depending on age / gender and the programme provided.

Payment can be made by one off payment or instalments. Paying by one off payment helps volunteer time required for administration and is very much appreciated if possible.

Go to the new TSC Ltd Club Membership System


TSC Annual Subscriptions 2024 - 2025


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