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8. TSC CSM System (First Sports System) FAQ's and Help

We will add to and amend as we pick up FAQ's and helpful tips

Setting up your account - helpful tips

Buying membership for Under 18's ?
Follow our How to Guide for Parents and Guardians - open the attached document and run as a screen show for screen shots and voice over guide.

Why wont the system recognise my email ?
The system, like most, won't allow adult members to use the same email address.
If you get a message saying email already in use it is most likely because you are already in the system, this could be do to.....

- you have already opened an account to 'buy membership's for U18's in 2021 (eg paying for cricket sub, or paying for a junior sub). If his happened cancel and try log into your account using your email address as you log on. If you have forgotten your password simply click forgot password.

- you are already on the CMS as an adult member of TSC Ltd as this was previously approved and basic data loaded for you. To access your account you need to log in using your email address and click on forget password and then validate your email . . account and then away you go !

Can Children have their own CMS account ?
Under 16's can not have their own email account on the system and for under 18's (aged 16-17) if can be the child or parent / guardian.

Any emails / comms regarding U16's will be sent to the parents email address, for those aged 16/17 comms will go to the email stored n the system

Why do playing membership payments show as two elements TSC and the Section ?

This is because the system if et up to collect payments for TSC and Section Fees through one order / purchase. The set up is in two halves as th TSC Sub is paid to the TSC Bank Account and the Section Fees direct to the section bank accounts.


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