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2. Annual TSC Ltd Subscriptions

See Full schedule of TSC Membership Subscriptions attached.

To apply to Join TSC Ltd and pay your annual TSC Subscriptions, and where applicable, Sports Section Annual Fees please go to

Membership Subs can no longer be paid over the bar or direct to sections.
If you have a queries or problem paying via the new system please contact your sports section Treasurer or Membership Officer.

See Sport Section Pages for important details about how to sign up to the new system, section fees and specific guidance about your sport.

Summary details:

TSC Membership category (excludes section fees) 2024 -2025
Sub (£)*

Playing - Senior Full All sports - Age 26 & over £210
Playing - Senior Full All sports Aged 18 - 24 £168
Playing - Senior Concession - Age 18 & over £105**
Playing - Youth All Sports - Age 16 - 17 £905

Associate Playing Junior participants - Under 16 £95***
Non-Playing Age 18 & over £74
Non-Playing Age 65 and over £42
Non-Playing Life Non Playing Membership £ 550
Associate (Non-playing) Senior participants - 16 to 64 £42***
Associate (Non-playing) Senior participants - 65 & over £25***

Renewing your membership
If you are already a member log into your membership account and 'buy membership' no need to re-register on the system and you can update your personal details

NEW Members
To join the club (and sports sections) you need to set up an account on our TSC Club Management System hosted by Fist Sports International.

Register to set up an account (for all members aged 18+ and for all parents of U18 members. Once their account is set up parents can add any U18's they wish to be buy membership for.

Once you have validated your email and account as a new member - click on Buy Membership and select the type of membership you wish to purchase. Parents do this through their account for all U18's.

Please watch out 'How to Guide' for setting up U18 membership (attached) open the document and play in slide show mode (includes voice over) OR go to our FAQ and Help pages - More How to Guides will be a

Playing member who are Life Non Playing Members (formerly Life Social members) Social members benefit from a reduction in their sub equal to the annual Non Playing Member Sub - please contact to arrange for this discount to be applied. See our Non Playing Members pages for more details.

If you have any specific circumstances or difficulties relating to payment of subs or taking part in sport at the Club please contact your section Chair and or and the Club will consider what support can be provided. We operate on reviewing on a case by case basis to reflect individual circumstances. Our Adult Concession Annual Sub also includes those unemployed and payment plans can be organised if appropriate.

*Sports section may have additional charges to cover training fees, levy’s or match fees to support funding the delivery of playing, coaching and training activities. The fees are set by the Sports Section Sub Committee and approved by the Membership Sub Committee annually.

** Concession adult members is available to those aged 18+ in Full Time Education, unemployed and exceptionally other personal circumstance. Members paying this sub who are not eligible or approved will be charged the shortfall against the full sub.

***Associate members do not have voting rights


TSC Annual Subscriptions 2024 - 2025


TSC Membership - HOW TO GUIDE - Under 18 Members